KCI Management Inc.


I have worked with KCI Management for many years, and across many functions at SAP. The team continues to not only provide the most customized, on-target, integrated and dedicated service I’ve ever seen in the industry, but they are also directly accountable for countless top-shelf events that have impacted SAP’s business in a critical and significantly positive way. There are many instances where I’ve referred to KCI as “my secret weapon”, and for good reason – this is the most professional, enthusiastic, and easy-to-engage event management company out there today, and SAP is definitely more competitive because of it.

VP of Competitive & Market Intelligence, Business Analytics, Technology & Mobility | SAP

I had been newly introduced to KCI when I hired them to plan and manage our inaugural annual technology conference for the public sector. The team at KCI had an amazing ability to quickly grasp what needed to be accomplished, determine the best way to make it happen and then execute flawlessly. With their help, we successfully executed on an event that met objectives and surpassed the expectations of stakeholders. If you are looking for a reliable event management team, who will add value and organize a first class event, I would highly recommend KCI.

Regional Marketing Manager | Adobe Systems Incorporated

A huge THANK YOU to my "partner in crime" – the KCI team! KCI was there with me every step of the way working many hours on logistics and communications. The team’s attention to detail and thoroughness amazes me, which saved me a lot of time planning this event! I had many customers and partners come up to me at the event and tell me to tell you how wonderful you were to work with. I agree 100%! Thank you thank you thank you!

Senior Director of Marketing | SAP

KCI’s project management skills and quality focus have been great strengths and a positive outcome in our partnering with them. Kimberley and her team were flexible and able to adapt to the quirkiness of our culture which in turn made selling the event upward in the organization a breeze. Their communication style inspired trust and ensured that the complexity of the event wasn’t even noticed by our guests or the team hosting it.

Executive Director, Career Management and Corporate Recruiting | Ivey School of Business

Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy working with your staff! This week for the first time I worked closely with Lexa and Leah on a very successful event in Winnipeg. Not only are they very knowledgeable in their field, but they also provide all of the details needed for the event…. quickly and accurately and give us the latitude to do what we do. Lastly they are very well liked by all of the SAP clients that were in Winnipeg for this event and have built a bond of trust that is so important in our field.

President | FMP

KCI supported me on strategic marketing campaigns. Quite simply… I could not have delivered these events (or survived) without KCI’s support.

The team’s pro-active nature, professionalism, responsiveness, attention to detail, and flawless execution was a major factor in the success of these campaigns… and allowed me to maintain my sanity! Thanks again for all your support! It has been a pleasure working with the team and I look forward to more in the coming year!

Marketing Director | SAP Canada

The greatest benefit of working with KCI on this event was their ability to consider all options, and to see potential problems and avoid them before they are able to happen. Lovely team to work with on a personal level!

Argus Connect 2016

“The greatest benefit of working with KCI is the 'zero worry' factor. The KCI team owns their work-stream and runs with it with very little briefing. There is never a worry that something that will not be done or fall through the cracks. It is an ops manager's dream to have this security and insurance.”

Event Manager, SAP

The greatest benefit of working with KCI on this event was having a dedicated professional at my disposal.

Senior Event Manager, Global Events FirstData on NRF

The greatest benefit of working with KCI on this event was that I didn't have to worry about anything that KCI was responsible for. That is HUGE! KCI is the most professional, skilled, thoughtful, flawless executers, lovely team to work with. Hands down worth every penny.

SAP Global Sponsorship Director, on Superbowl

Having a trusted advisor every step of the way! And the problem solving skills were good too! :-) Always an amazing partner who will do what it takes to get the job done well. So, job well done!

CMO, UBIC on Legaltech

The greatest benefit of working with KCI on this event was having someone I could 100% rely on to manage aspects of the program indecently and problem solve as needed.

SAP Canada Marketing Director, on PS Innovation Day