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Speaker management in a digital experience


Technology services company

Event Type

Invite-only partner summit within a larger digital experience


Within less than six weeks before the launch date, KCI was tasked with managing 35 unique content pieces and over 50 speakers for a virtual summit.

With our strong background in speaker management, we recognized that many speakers would still need more assistance presenting in a digital program then they might with a live event, and with such a wide array of content and participants, it was important to ensure consistent delivery across the program.


KCI built a strong project plan to engage speakers and ensure presentations were looking and sounding great for digital viewership – we knew that preparation was going to make the difference for this project. Our team planned out each step of the speaker journey from speaker coaching to productions schedules.

It was important that all presenters were set up for success. We developed several speaker resources and engaged with production partners to map out filming and delivery milestones. A remote speaker guide was created to offer advice for on-camera wardrobe, lighting and background – it also included tips such as how to check internet speed to ensure smooth upload and placing do not disturb signs on doors to limit interruptions. Each speaker received individual technical checks to confirm ideal filming conditions. Conducting these checks ahead of filming guaranteed that adjustments could be made and any necessary equipment (lighting, webcam, faster laptop) could be provided well in advance of record dates.

KCI worked to empower speakers to explore new potential within the digital platform. Speaker coaching sessions were held to provide advice on strong presentation hooks, engaging with a digital audience and tightening up talk tracks. Working with our other agency partners, consultants were used to ensure all presentations and scripts were developed with a broadcast mindset. Overseeing the entire process allowed us to ensure alignment on approvals, as well as speaker calendars.


Our project management approach ensured that all timelines in the production schedule were met. Speakers were thrilled with the additional level of support that they received, and presentations all went smoothly.

Another noticeable outcome of the program was the increased level of engagement from speakers. We found that they were much more likely to reach out and let us help them – whether they were excited, frustrated or nervous about the process. Our team received texts and emails about clothing choices, background setups, even worries about their kids interrupting filming.

With live events the amount of speaker-initiated engagement is generally low – most are very comfortable with the process – but for this program they really looked to us to help guide them. Speakers felt very prepared, and our client was pleased with the high quality of the final presentations.