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Overcoming platform limitations to meet business objectives


Technology services company

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Digital event series


When our client cancelled their live program scheduled for June 2020 in Paris, they decided to make the shift to host it virtually. They had not hosted a digital experience before and weren’t sure where to begin. In our role as program managers we immediately took charge to oversee the transition. One of our largest challenges was ensuring that our client’s existing registration platform could support the kind of virtual event that they wanted to hold.


We established ourselves as the program’s technology experts. We conducted a deep dive into the capabilities that the existing platform offered for hosting a true digital experience and worked diligently to avoid producing not just another boring webinar. Through careful analysis, we concluded that the program objectives would not be fully achieved by exclusively using their existing platform, so we set out to identify and recommend the best option to suit the program needs. We worked to maintain the best components of the existing system while integrating a stronger webcasting provider to ensure an interactive, premium audience experience. In our role as experts, we led the testing and deployment of the platform from contracting through to the completion of the program.


Our client delivered an engaging and interactive multi-week series. The platform offered a smooth experience for participants and speakers, and our client saw high levels of engagement. Registration targets were exceeded by 180% and participant turnout for week one exceeded industry standards at 70%.

A clear internal takeaway was the importance of aligning business objectives with the correct tools for success. Initially, the sales team was reluctant to transition to a digital experience. This process demonstrated the value in continuing to connect with customers and prospects, whether live or virtually. Shortly after completion, planning transitioned to the fall installment of the event series.


Some praise for all of you. I am really impressed with how well this event is executed. The quality, the content and overall feel! You are miracle workers
- Client CEO