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Every year, SAP hosts an event to educate those in the know and those want to know including – technologists in the field of business intelligence, database management and administration, web application and development, IT management, architecture in design. These technical customers are coming to learn about managing, implementing and optimizing their SAP products to drive digital transformation and excellence.


High level logistics – working with a team of over 30 people to successfully execute the 776 hands-on workshops and lectures. Highlights from the event included Keynotes and Strategy Talks, Hands-on Workshops and Lectures, Show Floor, SAP InnoJam and DemoJam, Networking Reception and Celebration Night featuring rock band Third Eye Blind.


The real success of this event was it allowed attendees to experience SAP TechEd their way - getting the knowledge they need, delivered in the way they want to learn.

“Lexa has done a TREMENDOUS job getting up to speed on the program and has incredible knowledge and instincts to see the gaps in the program planning I am SO happy to be working with her and have her to partner with.”