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Digital VIP experience


With all live gatherings halted, our client looked to us to develop a program with the goal of nurturing relationships with their top-tier prospects. Their sales team was struggling to facilitate relationships without direct one on one interactions and shared experiences. We needed to find a way to create relationship building opportunities through a digital experience.


As experts in VIP hospitality, we know how to design memorable experiences – whether live or digital. We proposed inviting an exclusive and targeted list of prospects to a live conversation with an all-star athlete. We carefully sourced a platform designed to enhance the immersive experience by highlighting multiple speakers on one screen, without the choppy back and forth between views. Audience engagement started before the live program commenced by encouraging participants to send in their questions for the celebrity guest ahead of time. Questions were then rated by their peers, culminating with the opportunity for the attendees with top-rated questions to share the screen with celebrity guest to ask the question and have a conversation directly.

This event emulated the essence of a pivot in the COVID-19 space. KCI worked to design an experience that cut through the noise and allowed for a truly immersive VIP experience.


By all accounts the event was a tremendous success. In a world of “digital fatigue”, participants actively expressed their positive sentiments about the program, with many referencing their constant engagement. The structure and content of the session enabled the sales team to build authentic connections, with team members commenting on the markedly different tone and responses from their prospects. Where some prospects had previously been slightly aloof, after the event they were having passionate, league-related debates in long email threads.

Session attendance was an impressive 87%, with discussions on how to replicate the model for similar programs underway.

Client testimonial:
“Not only were the prospects floored by this experience, it has also given us a fantastic rapport outside of the usual “business” conversations. This has been extremely valuable given the fact we have not been able to be on site with these prospects, thus we lose the personal connection that we often build in those critical 10-15 minutes before and after the meeting”.
- Senior Vice President & GM