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Creating an interactive and engaging digital meeting



Event Type

Advisory Committee Meeting and Annual General Meeting


As with all other live in-person 2020 events, our client made the decision to cancel their advisory committee and annual general meeting planned for early June. We knew that hosting an in-person event was not going to be possible, so we advised them to cancel their live program with time to move it online, and that we would lead them through the process.

According to our client’s organizational bylaws, they still needed to deliver the content to their investor partners. One of our challenges was ensuring an intimate and interactive attendee experience. At the live event discussion and the ability to ask questions is central to the content, and we needed to ensure that remained through the digital experience.

We also wanted to ensure we offered an up-leveled experience to this group. Typically, this program is hosted in luxury locations, with surprise and delight weaved throughout. It was important to keep the same standard we have set for a live event for the digital experience.


KCI conducted a comprehensive needs analysis, considering budget and specific meeting criteria. Taking into account the main criteria of engagement, we also needed a secure platform, that could allow participants to join and leave at certain times. We presented three options for consideration, ultimately deciding on Mediasite, which met the need for additional security, while being able to embed user-friendly recording options such as Zoom with engagement tools. Built-in gatekeeping and registration solutions allowed us to customize the platform to meet our client’s specific needs.

Participant interaction was important for this program’s success. While most of the content was pre-recorded, the session concluded with a live question and answer component for real-time engagement. Participants added their questions into a chat window throughout the session, and the live speaker answered them.

We also added a customized gifting experience as a thank you for attending. Participants could select from dozens of pre-selected gifting options that delivered directly to their home.


Our client received very positive feedback from their participants. There was great engagement that saw a full 45 minutes of questions and answers. Attendees were pleasantly surprised by the thank you gifts, with one noting they were “not necessary – but greatly appreciated” and another commenting that “the personal touches speak volumes for both the purpose and culture”. Finally, the sessions saw a higher than average attendance rate for a virtual program of 64%.

Client testimonial:
Thank you so much for yet another amazing event! Your guidance and expertise on transitioning our annual investor meeting to a digital experience was invaluable. This annual event is such an important opportunity for us to connect with our international investor base, and COVID-19 required us to completely re-think our approach for 2020. Your forward-looking insight, media partnerships and strategic input helped us to deliver an exceptional virtual event that accomplished our goals and showcased the strengths of our business, team and the market opportunity before us in the years ahead. We greatly appreciate your counsel, support and innovation, and look forward to many more successful events --- in-person and virtual --- in the years ahead.
- InstarAGF Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President