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Creating an engaging five-day interactive digital experience


Technology services company

Event Type

Digital Customer Conference


Our client made the decision to transform their live one-day event into a five-day digital experience. First in their market to make the pivot, they recognized that format and attention spans had changed and offered two hours of programming each day. Because of the multi-day format, keeping participants engaged was a key priority.


The platform selection had already been done when we joined the program. To get a full understanding where we could add meaningful enhancements, we conducted an analysis into the platform’s capabilities. Once that was completed, we were able to identify and move forward with the best options that integrated into the technology.

We encouraged engagement throughout the program by using gamification and awarding prizes. Points were awarded for attending sessions, visiting vendor booths, submitting photos to a virtual mosaic, and many other actions. Using a leaderboard to display results created a strong sense of competition and encouraged participants to visit all areas of the virtual environment, with an emphasis on the vendor exhibit hall.

Understanding that content is king, we worked to enhance the delivery. We enlisted a graphic artist who created easily consumable summaries and takeaways in a sketch format. Beyond the content sessions, activities were offered to keep a sense of fun and energy woven into the week. We worked with our network of vendors to create a list of unique experiences for participants to select from. These virtual activities offered opportunities to network in a fun setting.


Feedback from participants, vendors, executives and the sales team was overwhelmingly positive. The engaging content and additional enhancements had a significant impact on the success of this event with over 78% of participants spending more than two hours on the platform throughout the course of the program.

Registration targets were nearly doubled, and over 73% of registrants attended the event, which is significantly higher than the industry average conversion rate of 30% - 50% for free digital events. Following the program, our client was so pleased with our work that we were soon after engaged for the next series of programs.

Vendors saw high levels of engagement as the leaderboard encouraged participants to visit virtual booths. This resulted in 4500+ unique booth visits and an average of 15 private meeting requests per vendor.

Our client was thrilled with our handling of the major elements of the event, knowing that we would manage the details and troubleshoot quickly to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for participants and vendors.