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Leading Strategy on an Inaugural Incentive Program


Technology Services Company

Event Type

Incentive Trip


With approximately one month until the program start, KCI was engaged to take our client’s inaugural sales incentive trip over the finish line. Up until that point, planning had fallen to the head of sales, his right hand, and their assistants, who did not have event management experience. At the time of our engagement, a venue had been contracted, however, no agenda or formal plan for the program of approximately 80 attendees had been determined. They needed someone to take charge of this program, and to manage the rapidly approaching deadlines.


KCI joined the program and immediately went into strategic planning mode. With an already tight timeline, and a holiday between our engagement date and the attendees arriving, we knew we had to wrap our arms around this program quickly. We joined our client’s core team and led the program strategy – advising on how content from this incentive trip could be leveraged and brought to their company-wide sales kick off, to how they could use this event strategically in a competitive sales environment. It wasn’t enough to simply reward this year’s winners – this trip should be something their sales teams view as a “must attend” event in the future.

While we led the program strategically, we also took on the project management role. KCI owned the deadlines, tracked key dates and milestones, and acted as the main point of contact with the resort and vendors in Mexico – both in advance of the program, and through the duration on-site. We offered ways to enhance various operational aspects such as the catering experience, and identifying ideal locations for their cocktail hour and gala dinner. Due to the depth of our experience, we could suggest options that our client may not have otherwise considered. From strategy to operations, we led our client through the process of creating a unique, successful event in a very short time-frame.


KCI received overwhelmingly positive feedback on both the quality of the event, and the experience of working with our team. With such a short timeline, we quickly took ownership of the program, and delivered a successful incentive trip. We have since been engaged on further programs with this client, as well as next year’s incentive program.

Client Testimonial
“KCI was AMAZING! You took every detail and bump in the road with confidence, can-do attitude, and grace. The event exceeded our expectations.”
- Senior Vice President, Enterprise Commercial

*Due to the competitive nature of our clients’ industries, we have withheld identifying characteristics and details on certain case studies. Should you like to speak with our clients about their programs, please contact us.