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Customer Conference - Executive Care


Annually, our client’s Global Events team hosts their large, 17,000-person user conference and draws an audience from their world-wide customer base. With that, attendance of their most senior management team, including C-level executives and members of their Board of Directors, is essential. As is attendance of their senior-level customer VIP speakers. Planning and logistics for executive handling, among them being security, transportation and lodging, are managed – with varying standards and processes – by executive assistants, and the client’s own events team. However, not having a formal program with single, reliable point-of-contact on each component creates information gaps, inefficiencies and inconsistencies. Put another way: unnecessary frustration for executives, their assistants and the client events team.


KCI delivered a comprehensive Executive Care program that managed every facet of the executives’ event experience. The end goal was to create a smooth, efficient transition for senior management from the comfort of their office to the live event to allow them to concentrate on doing business, maximizing time with customers and building their revenue pipeline.

Seamlessly integrating with our client’s events team, KCI became the voice of executive needs during preplanning. Mining our considerable experience with VIP-calibre events, we quickly became trusted advisors and implementers on essential components like transportation and security; executive scheduling; lodging and meeting/office space. Managing the planning for both internal executives and external customers enabled us to identify opportunities to connect the two groups throughout the program. KCI’s planned and proactive communications schedule further boosted client confidence by managing stakeholder expectations and guaranteeing that the events team, executives and executive support staff had the information they needed, when they needed it.

On-site during the event, the Executive Care team became a single point of contact—a Concierge—for the client, handling every moving part of the VIP program. This included everything from curbside greetings, to liaising with the venues and hotels, which alleviated pressure on the client’s team and allowed them to concentrate their efforts on other matters. Most importantly, however, it provided the client with a responsive, reliable source of information on key program elements crucial to the success of any high-profile event.

Post event, the Executive Care team remained onsite to troubleshoot any schedule or transportation changes. Once more, KCI freed the client’s time so they could focus on other, more pressing, matters.


From the senior events team, to the executive assistants, feedback from the client was overwhelmingly positive. Our scope for subsequent events has been expanded to include not only internal executive care, but all high-touch and VIP facing components. This includes program planning, execution and concierge service for the client’s C-level executive customer program, running parallel to the main conference.

Client Testimonial
“Thank you so much for helping us! It was a tremendous help and a huge improvement over the past 5+ years. This event has typically been a bit of a challenge with getting help but you seemed to have all of the answers. You have no idea how much easier this was!”

- Assistant to C-Suite Executive

*Due to the competitive nature of our clients’ industries, we have withheld identifying characteristics and details on certain case studies. Should you like to speak with our clients about their programs, please contact us.