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Adobe Canada

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One-Day Conference


This inaugural event faced three challenges. First, was raising awareness of Adobe’s industry-leading suite of products with the Marketing, Communications and IT employees in many different government departments. Second, was competing for attendees in an environment already inundated with conference invitations. Finally, capturing the purchasing interest of public sector Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and senior government officials—crucial to Adobe’s penetration into this market segment.


Drawing upon our experience with lead generation events, KCI set to work to determine Adobe’s business needs, establish goals, and identify hurdles to the Assembly’s success. Collaborating closely with the client, we designed and delivered a full-scale event that included management of budgets, sponsors and keynote speakers, as well as the critical path, logistics and a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Our strategy leveraged the high target audience reach of two industry-specific associations: Canadian Government Executive, and Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC). With a web-based communications campaign that clearly conveyed the event’s value, attendees recognized the ROI of this inaugural conference and registrations soon rolled in.

As did the Partner Sponsorships. Developed with KCI’s expert counsel, the sponsorship program offered the Product Showcase where sponsors demonstrated their products to a captive audience and highlighted their integration with Adobe’s offering; invaluable, focused exposure for the sponsor and the client.

While full attendee and sponsorship rosters were critical to the event’s success, so too was the increased awareness of Adobe with key decision-makers. Leveraging our experience with VIP networking events, we also collaborated on the Executive Dinner. Held for an exclusive audience of CIOs and senior government officials, the dinner was designed to foster dialogue with the client and provide ample opportunity to position them as thought leaders and highlight their suite of creative and technology products.


By all accounts, the first annual Adobe Canada Government Assembly was a success. As anticipated, Sponsorship opportunities were an integral part of the event’s recruitment and support, and 100 percent of attendee targets were reached with 80 percent being clients or prospects. Most important, however, were the more than 30 different government departments represented, which was key to Adobe extending its reach into this market segment. “Thank you so much for this great event,” praised one attendee, adding: “The organization was pretty amazing, one of the best I’ve participated in my life.”